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The mission of Faith Church is to glorify God by winning people to Jesus Christ and Equipping them to be more faithful disciples.

We are motivated by the belief that God's Word is sufficient and that the people who follow its life-changing message can bring glory to God. We rejoice in the message of the cross - that people can be forgiven through the blood of Christ and restored to a personal relationship with God.

Our Mission

Our Motivation

Grace Brethren churches were born with a passion to see people really live Christianity, not just on Sundays, But every day! 

When Alexander Mack and those with the same convictions began the first GBC in Germany in 1708, they applauded the Reformation, but also cheered for more!

They wanted even more of a return to the scriptures.

They also desired more of an emphasis on personal salvation and the public identification of believers with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and their work of grace in salvation. They wanted a return to the biblical command to be baptized as a symbol of one's identification with Christ.

With a belief in the integrity of God's Word, They searched the Bible for principles for daily living. "If the Bible teaches it, then lets do it," was their goal.

Today, several hundred Grace Brethren congregations seek to have that same conservative stance in theology while being progressive in method and love on Sundays and everyday. 

What is a GBC?

Our Values

  • Growing Stronger - believing that God has a plan for every Christian's growth and that He wants godly lives and families built.

  • Reaching Out - believing that a changed life enables us to reach those without Christ in a way that is faithful and creative.

  • Serving together - believing that God wants us to challenge and equip our members to serve Him, and that He wants every member serving.

  • Meeting Needs - believing that our church should address community concerns by doing good works and sharing biblical truths.

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